Board Games

Description: data about 5000 popular board games.

Source: Kaggle


  • Name (string): title of the board game
  • Minimum players (numerical): how many players are required to play the game
  • Maximum players (numerical): the limit of players that can play one round of the game
  • Average game time (numerical): Average time in minutes it takes to complete one round of the game
  • Year released (numerical): what year the game was originally released to the public
  • Mechanics (string): list of examples of mechanics used in the game, such as dice-rolling, hand management, card drafting, or cooperative play
  • Category (string): genre of the board game, such as medieval, adventure, or economic
  • Designer (string): name(s) of the designer(s) of the game
  • More info URL (string): a link to more info about the game

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