FIFA Men's World Cup Results

Description: Data about the FIFA Men'ss World Cup and competition results, detailing 1st through 4th teams, among other data.

Source: UEFA


  • Edition (numerical): What edition of the World Cup that row of data refers to. Value = 1 refers to the first ever Men's World Cup.
  • Year (numerical): What year that World Cup was held in
  • Hosts (string): What country hosted the World Cup games that year
  • Final score (string): The final score tally for each team in the championship game
  • Venue of championship game (string): The name and city of the stadium the championship game was held in
  • Runners-up (string): what country's team lost in the final game
  • Third place (string): what country's team took third place
  • Fourth place (string): what country's team took fourth place
  • Number of participating teams (numerical): how many countries had participating teams in that edition of the World Cup

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