100 Influential African Americans (Age 25-45)

Description: This dataset was created by hand from TheRoot.com, which publishes a list every year ranking the top 100 most influential African-Americans between ages 25-45. This dataset is the 2019 edition.



  • Rank (numerical): ranking 1-100 for each recipient
  • Name (string): full name of each recipient
  • Profession (string): profession(s) of each recipient
  • Sector (string): sector of the recipient’s contribution
  • Age (numerical): age of the recipient
  • Influence (numerical): influence of the recipient determined by their reach and substance
  • Reach (numerical): number of people the recipients touches through media, including their social media followers
  • Twitter Followers (numerical): number of twitter followers of each recipient, if the recipient doesn’t have a twitter the cell has a value of 0
  • Picture: url of a picture of the recipient

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