Olympic Medals

Description: Medal Winners from the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics

Source (data) and Source (images)

Processing: Trimmed down the original .csv data to include only two olympics (2004 and 2008) to maintain <5000 row limit, created two columns for name (first and last), and added images for each sport.


  • City (string): city in which the Olympics were held (only Athens or Beijing for this dataset)
  • Year (numerical): year the Olympics were held (only 2004 or 2008 for this dataset)
  • Sport (string): overarching name of a sport the athlete competed in, such as aquatics or wrestling
  • Discipline (string): more specific name within each sport, such as diving or swimming
  • Symbol (string): official olympic symbol for each sport
  • Event (string): specific event name that the athlete competed, such as 3M platform diving or 4x100 medley
  • Athlete First Name (string): first name of the athlete
  • Athlete Last Name (string): last name of the athlete
  • Gender (string): gender of the athlete
  • Country Code (string): 3-letter code representing the athlete’s country
  • Country (string): full name of the athlete’s country
  • Medal (string): what medal that athlete won (bronze, silver, or gold)

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