Planets of our Solar System

Description: information about the 9 planets of our solar system.



  • Planet (string): name of the planet
  • Diameter (numerical): diameter of the planet in km
  • Density (numerical): density of the planet, in kg/m^3
  • Gravity (numerical): force of gravity on the planet, in m/s^2
  • Rotation period (numerical): how long it takes for one full rotation of the planet, in hours
  • Length of day (numerical): length of one day on the planet, in hours
  • Distance from Sun (numerical): distance of the planet from the sun, in 10^6 km
  • Orbital period (numerical): how long it takes to make one rotation around the sun, in days
  • Orbital velocity (numerical): velocity of the planet in orbit, in km/s
  • Orbital inclination: (numerical): tilt of the planet, in degrees
  • Mean temperature(numerical): average yearly temperature on the planet, in Celsius
  • Number of moons (numerical): number of moons orbiting the planet
  • Has ring system (string): whether or not the planet has a ring system
  • Has global magnetic field (string): whether or not the planet has a global magnetic field
  • Picture (link): link to a picture image of the planet

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