Description: facts and details about all 50 United States


Processing: cleaned original .csv by removing some columns and renaming some columns


  • State Name (string): name of the state
  • State Code (string): two letter abbreviation of the state
  • Nickname (string): official nickname of the state
  • Website (string): official state website url
  • Admission Year (numerical): year that state joined the union
  • Admission Number (numerical): how many states there were in the union once this state joined
  • Capital (string): capital of the state
  • Capital Website (string): official website of the state capital
  • Population (numerical): population of the state
  • Population Rank (numerical): 1-50 ranking of population size of the states
  • Constitution (string): url link to the state constitution
  • State Flag (string): image of the state flag
  • Map (string): image of the map of the state
  • Landscape Background (string): image of the state‚Äôs landscape
  • Skyline Background (string): image of a skyline in the state
  • Area (numerical): area in square miles of the state
  • Median Household Income (numerical): median household income in the state in US dollars
  • Percent in Poverty (numerical): percent of the population of the state which lives in poverty
  • Percent of Adult College Graduates (numerical): percent of adults in the state who have a bachelor (4 year) degree

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