US Supreme Court Justices

Description: information about all US Supreme Court Justices throughout history



  • Justice number (numerical): what number of justice that person was. For example, a Justice number = 1 means they were the first justice ever confirmed
  • Image (string): a link to an image of the justice
  • Justice (string): name of the justice
  • Year of birth (numerical): what year that justice was born in
  • State (string): what US state that justice originated from
  • Position (string): what position that justice held on the Supreme Court, either associate justice or chief justice
  • Succeeded (string): who on the supreme court that justice had replaced by their confirmation
  • Date confirmed (date): the calendar date that justice was confirmed
  • Tenure length (string): how many days or years that justice served for
  • Nominated by (string): name of the US President that had nominated them

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