US Women Running for Elected Office in 2020

Description: information about all women in the United States running for elected office in 2020, as of January 2021.



  • State (string): what US state or territory that candidate is running for office in
  • Office (string): what public office that person is running for, such as Senate or Secretary of State
  • First name (string): the first name of the candidate
  • Last name (string): the last name of the candidate
  • Party (string): the party (such as Democrat or Republican) of the candidate, designated by abbreviations D or R
  • Seat status (string): whether that candidate is running as an incumbent, a challenger, challenger in primary, or some other election scenario. I=Incumbent, O=Open Seat, C=Challenger, I/U=Incumbent Unopposed, O/U=Open Unopposed, CP=Challenger in the Primary
  • Primary (string): result of the candidate's primary, such as WON (W) or LOST (L)
  • General (string): result of the candidate's general election race, such as LOST (L) or Lost primary
  • Race (string): race or ethnicity of the candidate. AP = Asian Pacific Islander, B = Black, MENA = Middle Eastern/North African, H = Hispanic/Latina, W = White, MU = Multi-Racial, NA = Native American/Native Alaskan

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