// Comment

Category: Functions

Writes a decription of some code.

// Comments are used document your code so it is easier for humans to understand. You should include a comment at the start of each function to explain what the function does, if it takes any arguments, and if it returns any values. It is also a good idea to comment any complex blocks of code so you, or another programmer, can more easily maintain or modify the code in the future.


// Let's you know your code is running.
console.log("It's Alive!");

Example: Roll Two Die Call functions that use randomNumber(1,6) to simulate rolling two die and summing the results.

// Call functions to generate two die rolls and sum the result. Display the value on the console.
console.log(rollDie() + rollDie());

function rollDie() { 
// Define a function that uses randomNumber(1,6) to randomly generate a die roll, 1 to 6, and return the value.
  var roll = randomNumber(1,6);
  return roll;


// Comment


You can type whatever you want on a comment line.


Comments are ignored by the computer.


  • You can comment out a block of statements using /* before the first statement and */ after the last statement.

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Found a bug in the documentation? Let us know at