Gets the text string created by combining two values.

Sometimes strings can get really long or need to be printed with values that are not strings. This block joins the two blocks into one string that can then be stored in a variable or printed on the display.


Example 1

Here three string blocks with different topics are joined to create one continuous paragraph.

Example 2

Text can be used to describe the value of a variable or sprite property. Here, text is used to explain the bunny’s size.

Example 3

This program uses a string block and math block to display a math equation.


Name Description
text 1 The value that will become the beginning of the new string
text 2 The value that will become the ending of the new string


  • Add a space after the text in the first string block to make sure the content of the two blocks do not run together.
  • Multiple join blocks can be attached to join more than two blocks.

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