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The color property specifies the color of text. There are 140 color names predefined in the HTML and CSS color specification, such as blue, red, coral, brown, etc. Colors also can be specified in various formats; the RGB colors and the HEX colors are the most used ones.


Color in HEX

Setting the text color for a <h1> element to polo blue using a HEX value.

h1 {
   color: #92a8d1;

Color Name

Setting the text color for a <p> element to green.

p {
  color: green;

RGB Color

Setting the text color of a <h1> to crimson using an RGB value.

h1 {
  color: rgb(220, 20, 60);


color: value;


  • Make sure to choose a background color combined with a text color that makes the text readable

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