An object is a way to collect data and assign a unique label to each item. One example of a real-life object is a dictionary - every word has a corresponding definition. Here's how a dictionary would look as an App Lab object:

var dictionary = {
    "tortilla": "a thin, flat pancake of cornmeal or flour, eaten hot or cold, typically with a savory filling as a part of Mexican cuisine.",
    "naan": "a type of leavened bread, typically of teardrop shape and traditionally cooked in a clay oven as part of Indian cuisine.",
    "injera": "a white leavened Ethiopian bread made from teff flour, similar to a crêpe."

In the example above, each word in the dictionary is the key - it's what you use to look up values in the dictionary. The definitions are the values - they are what are trying to look up in the dictionary.

You can add new elements to an object using addPair. You can think of this as a pair of objects because you're adding two things: the key, and the value. In the dictionary example, this is like adding both the word and the definition to the dictionary:

  • "crepe": "a thin pancake, used to make sweet or savory dishes. Crepes are common in Vietnamese cuisine"

We could add this to our dictionary with the code:

addPair(dictionary, "crepe", "a thin pancake, used to make sweet or savory dishes. Crepes are common in Vietnamese cuisine")


Add A Phone Number

Add a new number to a contact list

var phoneNumbers = {
	"Brendan": "520-555-1827",
    "Alicia": "510-555-9182",
    "Omar": "720-555-2817",
    "Emergency": "911"

var name = prompt("Enter the new name you want to add to your contact list);
var number = prompt("Enter the new phone number");
addPair(phoneNumbers, name, number);
console.log(name + ": " + number + " was successfully added to your phone numbers");

Abbreviation Dictionary

Teach a chatbot what new abbreviations mean

var abbreviations = {
	"LOL": "Laugh out loud",
    "TIL": "Today I Learned",
    "LGTM": "Looks Good To Me",
    "FWIW": "For What It's Worth",
    "FYI": "For Your Information"

console.log("Hello! I am learning new abbreviations! Would you like to look up an abbreviation, or teach me a new one?);
var choice = prompt("(1) Look Up an Abbreviation (2) Teach a New Abbreviation);

if(choice == 1) {
	var word = prompt("What abbreviation do you want to look up?");
    var definition = getValue(abbreviations, word);
    console.log(word + ": " + definition);
if(choice == 2) {
	var word = prompt("What is the new abbreviation?");
    var definition = prompt("What does it mean?");
    addPair(abbreviations, word, definition);
    console.log("Successfully Added!");


addPair(object, key, value)


Name Type Required? Description
object Object The object to add the key and value pair.
key String The name of the key to look up the value for in the object.
value Any The value to store in the object under the key provided.



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