Set the mode of an individual pin.

Pins on the board can be used for either digital output, digital input, or analog input. Setting the pin mode of a pin determines how it will be used in the program.


Red LED on

Set the pin of the red LED to output and turn it on.

// Red LED is connected to pin 13
pinMode(13, "output");
// Turn pin 13 to on (1)
digitalWrite(13, 1);


pinMode(pin, mode);


Name Type Required? Description
mode String The mode that this pin will be set to. Must be one of * "input" * "output" * "analog"
pin Number The number of the pin you want to change. This is usually printed on your board, but can also be found in your board's documentation.


  • Not all pins can be used in every mode. Refer to your board's documentation for details.
  • On prewired boards, such as the Circuit Playground, you may not be able to change the mode of pins that are already defined.

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