Dinosaur Fossils

Description: Dinosaur Fossils found in North America from the Jurassic Period


Processing: the .csv was download from paleobiod.org and then some of the columns were renamed


  • Species (string): full name of the dinosaur
  • Maximum Age (numerical): maximum age in millions of the dinosaur fossil
  • Minimum Age (numerical): minimum age in millions of the dinosaur fossil
  • Year Found (numerical): year the fossils were discovered
  • Phylum (string): phylum for each dinosaur
  • Class (string): class of each dinosaur
  • Order (string): order of each dinosaur
  • Family (string): family of each dinosaur
  • Genus (string): genus of each dinosaur
  • Motility (string): how active each dinosaur was
  • Vision (string): strength of eye sight for each dinosaur
  • Diet (string): eating habits for each dinosaur
  • Latitude (numerical): geographic latitude where fossil was found
  • Longitude (numerical): geographic longitude where fossil was found
  • Country (string): Country in which the fossil fossil found
  • Region (string): Region or state in which the fossil found

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