US Voter Registration and Demographics by State

Description: Data about US registered voters who participated in the 2018 midterm elections. "B" represents a base amount of under 75,000, and too small to calculate for percentages.



  • State (string): what state the voter data is representative of
  • Demographic (string): demographic characteristic of a voter or person in a given state, such as Female or Asian alone
  • Total population (numerical): amount of people in that given state
  • Total citizen population (numerical): amount of registered citizens in that state
  • Total registered voters (numerical): amount of registered voters in that state
  • Total voted in 2018 elections (numerical): how many people voted in that given state
  • Percent voted (numerical): what percentage of people in a given state voted
  • Percent voted (citzen) (numerical): what percentage of citizens in that state voted

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