Producing Output

The LED is probably the simplest form of output available, and though there are many useful things a simple light can communicate, sometimes we need a different form of output. We've used light as an output, but what about sound? Your board has a buzzer object that can play simple sounds.

The Buzzer

Don't expect the buzzer to make beautiful music - it's a simple tool for simple output!

  1. This cube contains a simple buzzer (also known as a piezo or piezoelectric buzzer). When electricity is sent to the buzzer, it vibrates and makes noise.

Making Different Sounds

When using the LED our choice of output was pretty simple; it's either on or off. The buzzer can actually play a range of different sounds. We're able to do that by sending pulses of electricity to the buzzer at different speeds. This is like turning on and off a light repeatedly - the faster we flip the switch, the higher the sound it will produce.

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